Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a non-removable alternative to a removable bridge and denture. Adjacent teeth are used as the support for the missing teeth that are being replaced.

What affect does a tooth bridge have on the adjacent teeth?

The adjacent teeth require crowns. Since the dental bridge is non-removable and connected, special oral hygiene techniques are needed.

How long does a bridge take?

A dental bridge generally takes 2-3 appointments. The first visit involves preparing the adjacent teeth for crowns, taking an impression for the laboratory, and then placing a non-removable temporary over the remaining teeth. The permanent bridge is adjusted and cemented at the second or third visit.

Will you be able to tell that I have a bridge in my mouth?

No! The teeth will appear to be individual and new laboratory porcelain techniques result in a very natural appearance that blends well with the other teeth in the mouth.

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