Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the safest and fastest way to whiten your teeth. We offer a combined in-office and at-home teeth bleaching procedure that provides the best results available. We do not use controversial whitening lights or lasers that have not been approved by the American Dental Association or California Dental Association. Our in-office bleaching gel is scientifically formulated to gently penetrate the teeth, thereby safely removing long-standing stains and discolorations. The bleaching agent is safe and will leave the structure of the tooth unchanged. You will notice results immediately.

What distinguishes our bleaching technique from some of the widely advertised “bleaching centers,” is that we provide you with a convenient take home bleaching kit as part of our package. This ensures that the teeth will get even whiter, remain more color stable, and you never need to return for another in-office bleaching procedure. This saves our patients time and money.

Should I bleach my teeth if I am going to drink coffee, tea, and red wine?

YES! These and other food products do contribute to discoloration of teeth, but touch-up bleaching with the home trays will eliminate these continual stains.

Is the whitening agent really household bleach; is it safe, and how does it taste?

The whitening agent is not household bleach, rather it is an FDA/CDA/ADA approved gel made of carbamide peroxide that is completely safe and comes in a variety of pleasant flavors. It has been used safely in dentistry for decades.

Can I bleach my teeth if they are sensitive?

YES! Some people’s teeth are more sensitive and we have additional products that we use to minimize any sensitivity and perhaps lessen the sensitivity you had before the teeth whitening procedure.

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