Laser Diagnostics (DIAGNOdent)

The DIAGNOdent is a laser that is used to detect dental decay in its earliest form. This technology allows correction of the dental problem early, which conserves tooth structure.

How does The DIAGNOdent work?

A light (laser) is shined on the tooth and a digital reading is obtained. The procedure is completely painless and has no effect on the tooth. The digital reading determines if there is decay present and estimates the depth of the decay.

Is this the only way used to detect dental decay (cavities)?

There are several methods for cavity detection and you need all of them for a complete tooth assessment. The more common technique is the dental explorer, where a “stick” in a tooth signifies an area of decay. We also use X-rays as an important diagnostic tool. These are tried and true diagnostic methods that are still a necessary part of a comprehensive examination to detect dental cavities. Laser detection, as well as eyeglass magnification and illumination have greatly enhanced our decay detection methods.

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