Teeth Grinding

What is Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) and Clenching?

Teeth grinding and clenching are para-functional habits or unconscious jaw movements that involve side-to-side movements of the jaw with gnashing of the teeth or biting down on the teeth. The movements typically occur during sleep and for this reason they are classified as sleep disorders or movement disorders. However some patients may have such movements with or without grinding noises during the daytime. Stress has been commonly reported as the perpetuating factor for bruxism and clenching. 

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Do I have Bruxism and Clenching?

If you have one or more of the following clinical features you may have bruxism and clenching:

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How do the Doctors evaluate me?

The doctor will listen to your history and perform a thorough clinical evaluation before determining if you have bruxism and clenching. Dr. Ram has published on oral movement disorders article including bruxism and clenching. To read his article, please click on the link below:


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What is a nightguard? Do I need one?

A nightguard is a device that covers your upper or lower teeth and is custom fabricated in a dental laboratory to fit your teeth. The doctors will determine if you need a nightguard depending on whether or not you have a habit of tooth grinding, clenching or jaw pain. Nightguards have been shown to protect teeth and are modestly effective in managing TMJ pain or jaw pain.


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