Prenatal and Maternity

When you are pregnant, you need to take extra special care of your gums and teeth. Diligent home care and regular dental visits are important. Hormonal changes in your body during your pregnancy increase your chances of developing gum disease. As many as 70% of women have some form of gum disease during their pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you need to watch out for these warning signs:

Pregnant woman are also at a greater risk for tooth decay because pregnant women have sugary food cravings and may have morning sickness. This makes a pregnant woman more vulnerable to developing cavities. Generally, dental X-rays should not be taken when you are pregnant unless there is an emergency and we have your doctor’s consent.

A baby’s teeth will begin to develop about three months into the pregnancy. The healthier your diet, the greater the likelihood that your baby’s teeth and gums will be healthy too. You should follow your physician’s recommendations regarding Pre-natal vitamins. Practicing good oral hygiene at home with a healthy balanced diet and regular dental visits will contribute to the healthy development of your baby.